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The APDS Difference

The key to the APDS system is uniform, consistent training that keeps the advantages of the APDS proprietary system operating uniformly nation wide. Comprehensive training programs ensure APDS' standard of excellence nationwide:

APDS Training Instructors have a complete working knowledge of all of our systems, policies, procedures and requirements. Our instructional staff possess years of experience in the communication, technology and delivering aspects of the distribution industry.

Service Representatives are assigned specific customers and are trained on the requirements of that customer and then tested for monitoring shipments from the time of shipment to arrival in the store throughout the supply chain process.

Proof of Delivery Representatives are assigned to specific customers and are trained and tested to monitor all shipments for accurate and timely deliveries.

Drivers are trained and tested on procedures for scanning deliveries and pick-ups from our customers.

Terminal personnel are trained and tested on terminal procedures, receiving and shipping.

APDS personnel do periodic audits on all facilities on procedures.

APDS software programs each have their own training and testing systems to ensure that the customer may take advantage of the many opportunities provided by the APDS information systems.

Employing APDS FastTrak's monitoring and extensive reporting capabilities customers are kept informed and updated to their shipments arrival to the pool site and into the store.


APDS protects customers:

  • Password - protected access into APDS information systems lets customers control who sees delivery data.
  • APDS company - owned and agent facilities restrict site access to authorized personnel. Surveillance cameras provide continuous facility and product monitoring.

  • Remote access to surveillance and security is controlled.

  • Audits to verify facilities' procedures and security programs are in place and monitored.

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APDS Solutions Our Commitment Our Technologies The difference Our Coverage Areas About APDS