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Our Proven Technologies

With a nationwide integrated computer system, APDS consistently monitors and upgrades its own programs, systems and technologies. As a creator and control hub for its own centralized pool programs, APDS is unmatched for flexibility and change capabilities. Response and transition times are rapid. When distribution plan changes are mandated to maintain the competitive edge, customers need not deal with multiple carriers -- APDS develops and implements the change throughout the entire system automatically. APDS constantly continues to invest and develop our own proprietary systems. APDS invests in our own proprietary research and development to hold the lead in the technology field.

APDS proprietary software includes:

FastTrack - a comprehensive database designed to receive, generate and track shipping data.

CarrierTrak — the facility version of APDS FastTrack is housed at each pool terminal and interfaces directly into the APDS FastTrack database. CarrierTrak imports, manages and exports data from scan guns, processes OS&D (Overage, Shortage and Damage), reconciles exceptions, prints delivery tickets and transmits data back to APDS via the Internet through secured means.

WebTrack — the secured Web interface to the APDS FastTrack system, allowing 24-hour customer access to the system, data and reports. Customers can track shipments by various search criteria, down to individual carton barcodes.

ScanMan — "Smart Guns" scan barcodes, retaining carrier and shipper information while maintaining security and authorized access. Multiple versions support various scanning hardware. Menu-driven selection supports seven types of scans.

SortTrak—the module for automated conveyor sorting systems, allowing direct interface with APDS CarrierTrak and APDS FastTrack.

InventoryTrak — the inventory control system module interfaces with the APDS FastTrack system. This system controls and monitors inventory of product received from manufacturer.

Electronic Data Information (EDI) service capabilities include:

  • Receive Shipment Notification from customers, including customer's shipment number, barcode data, delivery destinations, number of pieces and weights.
  • Transmit and receive file verification to confirm EDI transmissions.

  • Receive pre-notice of shipments, including pieces, weights and locations.

  • Transmit or receive EDI files via the Internet or VAN.

  • Transmit Exception Files to customers, detailing differences between customer's Shipment Notification and actual product receipt by APDS, generated by barcode data comparison.

  • Transmit delivery files to customers detailing product delivery data—actual deliveries by store and barcode numbers.

  • Electronic billing.

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APDS Solutions Our Commitment Our Technologies The difference Our Coverage Areas About APDS